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In only six years, Horizon SOPYRWA has successfully turned pyrethrum into one of Rwanda’s biggest exports. This has been the result of hard work, sound management practices and a deep belief in what we do. Importantly, we have and continue to empower the farmers we work with. Pyrethrum is a vital component to rural life in Rwanda, and gives farmers in remote villages an opportunity to integrate into a global value chain. The organic nature of pyrethrum which grows easily in the volcanic soils of Northern Rwanda, has thus far presented us with opportunities to grow our company and the communities we work with. We intend to multiply those opportunities.
I believe this is just the beginning. Our strides in pyrethrum production in less than a decade show us that our vision of becoming a leading supplier of quality pyrethrum worldwide is on the horizon. I am confident that Horizon SOPYRWA’s strong commitment to quality and innovation will ensure Rwanda’s growth in the global pyrethrum market.


Horizon Construction has distinguished itself as a leading construction company in the country. We are characterized by highly organized and reliable teams of engineers, architects, project managers, and professionals with diverse disciplines and experience. The success of our projects is driven by integrity, innovation, excellence and a client-first attitude. We are also committed to transparency in our business practices.

As we grow our client portfolio, our key priority will be to continue focusing on Rwanda’s development by adopting sustainable and environment friendly technologies. These include road and bridge construction, affordable housing for Rwandans and the creation of Green Neighborhoods as a stepping stone towards the Rwandan government’s initiatives towards green living. Sourcing potable water and distributing it in an environmental friendly way to Rwandan citizens also forms a significant component of our activities. At the forefront of this growth is the continuous training and capacity development of the teams that make Horizon Construction what it is today. The company is currently executing a work order book to the tune of 138 Million US Dollars.


Horizon Logistics began its journey in November 2008 as a company that specialized in providing clearing and general services to one major client – the Rwandan Ministry of Defense. Owing to a growing demand for clearing and general logistical services, Horizon Logistics was born in 2008 to take over the clearing and general services and also support the Rwandan peacekeeping troops in mission areas. Today, we are diversifying and expanding our operations to tap into new opportunities that will grow the company.

Success in our work so far is the result an innovative ability to come up with new competitive products. Innovation will continue to be at the core of what we do, as well as our commitment to quality service delivery.


At Horizon Group, we embrace a culture of integrity and hard work. We understand that there is more to making profits. Our incubation of local businesses is because we believe that they are connected to Rwanda’s social fabric and natural environment that surrounds it.

The difference between us and purely profit-motivated companies is that we actually invest in project start-up costs to show the way forward, and demonstrate our commitment to developing Rwanda. The fact that Horizon Construction was the first local company to invest in asphalt road recycling technology and bring it to the local market, is testament to this. We are very concerned with building infrastructure and not destroying the environment. I look forward to the day that green living shall be embraced by Rwandans.

Our continuous growth and improvement would not be possible without the people behind the scenes – the people who make it happen. The professionalism and dedication of our teams has enabled synergy and flexibility in management, allowing us to effectively respond to our clients and give them the competitive edge they require.

For us, the sky is the limit.