Horizon Group is an investment company that was created in 2007 with a mandate to incubate resources for Rwanda through creation of businesses that deliver on value and social impact. Today the company owns three subsidiaries companies that include: Horizon Construction which focuses on infrastructure development; Horizon SOPYRWA which focuses on production, processing and export of pyrethrum and Horizon Logistics, which specializes in peace keeping logistics, leasing of equipment, clearing and freight forwarding.
We adopt a collaborative approach in our businesses, which over the years has resulted in local and international partnerships that have strengthened our business leverage in terms of market expansion, experience, skills and technology transfer.


Horizon Group is a unique investment company concerned with the financial, social and environmental impact of businesses in Rwanda. We are committed to building sustainable and profitable organizations that contribute to the growth and success of Rwanda and the region.

Horizon Group takes a long-term view of its investments, ensuring that its portfolio of operating companies and joint venture partnerships have the support they need to make a positive impact in the market. Through sound management and the provision of value-added products and services, Horizon Group and its subsidiaries represents the best of Rwandan ingenuity and integrity.

This short documentary explores the growth of an entrepreneurial mindset in a country once devoid of anything resembling a functioning economy. After decades of civil war, the Rwandan Patriotic Army (now the Rwandan Defense Force) set out to rebuild the country. What followed defied the traditional idea of a victorious African army: of an army that strives for power before using its resources toward country development


To build sustainable and profitable organisations that contribute to the growth and development of Rwanda and the region.


To build a strong future for Rwanda through investments that deliver value, social impact and prosperity.