Giving back


Rwanda is known for its distinctive home-grown solutions aimed at transforming citizens’ lives. The One Cow per Family Program, also known as the Girinka Program is one such example. Horizon Group aligns its Corporate Social Responsibility model to reflect these national programs aimed at creating wealth and self-reliance. Horizon SOPYRWA organizes an annual ‘Farmer’s Day’ where cows, roofing material, agricultural input and household items are distributed to best performing pyrethrum farmers.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities also extend to the support of Genocide survivors. We have supported widows of the Genocide through provision of livestock and construction of housing in Rukumberi Sector of Ngoma district.

Horizon Group supports, important social development causes that help to build the community. Since founding in 2007,the group and its subsidiaries have undertaken a number of initiatives to support Rwandans in the need including;

  • Supporting survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi by providing essential needs and renovating and constructing houses for widows living in poor conditions.


  • Building houses for a number of genocide survivors in Rukumbeli of Ngoma district,where 35,000 Tutsi were killed and only 720 Tutsi survived.


  • Contributing to the Government of Rwanda’s genocide survivor support initiatives through the National Commission of the Fight against Genocide and the fund for the Support of Genocide Survivors (FARG).


  • Being part of Umuganda (Community work) activities in different parts of Rwanda by contributing skills, expertise and equipment to development projects prioritized by the community.


  • Sponsoring Rwanda’s National Paralympics Volleyball team who are set to compete at the Rio Olympics in Brazil.


  • Organizing a Framers Day with pyrethrum growers and awarding prizes to best performing farmers and cooperatives, including by giving cows.


Farmer's Day